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  1. Thanks Brendon, I have learned a lot from you and the other Gurus on the panel.On day I hope to return to New Zealand. Thanks John Nolen
  2. How do I find out what Dell drivers I installed? I installed 4 drivers, one of which was a BIOS update. I can't find a log to show my recent update history. Do I look in the system restore ?
  3. I will try to find out what Dell Drivers were updated. Do you know where to look ? I have Win10 Pro.
  4. I updated my Dell Drivers and now Creator works with my internal DVD drive. I noticed that Digital Guru lives in Christchurch, NZ. My wife and I visited New Zealand for our honey moon and loved it.
  5. I have tried to repair Creator and it still does not work when a disc is inserted in D drive.
  6. I unchecked the box in configure Roxio Burn app to start Roxio Burn when a disc in placed in D drive. When I open Creator, Roxio Burn does not show up but Creator is still unresponsive for copy and convert
  7. I was wrong about Roxio Burning showing up when I start Creator When I insert a disc into copy and convert, Roxio Burn does show up in the lower right hand corner. I can burn a disc with the internal DVD burner with Roxio Burner when I open it alone When I open Creator and insert a disc, Roxio Bjurner opens in the lower right corner and Creator becomes unresponsive. Looks like a conflict between Roxio Burner and Creator. I don't see how to start Creator without Roxio Burn. I think you have narrowed down the problem
  8. When the disc is inserted into D drive, the screen becomes unresponsive and Windows ask to close the program and seek a solution. Roxio Burn is installed. Every thing works fine in the external DVD burner.
  9. I found auto play and turned it on. I still can not copy a DVD with the main DVD burner. The external DVD burner still works very well.
  10. It may read Does not write unresponsive to a disc no yellow triangle in DM DVD drive is recognized by Roxio soft ware problem with all Roxio programs internal drive reads and writes in Win Explorer can not select as a source or destination drive with Roxio it does recognize a blank disc The external DVD drive works great I don't have a setting for auto play on my DVD drive.
  11. When I put a DVD to copy in copy and convert, nothing happens. If I use an external DVD burner, it works. The Dell DVD(on my computer) drive must have a conflict with Roxio. Creator works on my wife's DELL inspiron 5000 with no problems.
  12. I also use Win 10 with Win defender as anti virus and spam.
  13. I have a Dell XPS 8700 64 bit with 16 GB of Ram. When I open Copy and Convert, my DVD drive(PLDS DVD + - RW DH-16 AES) will not work with Creator NXT 4. When I use Creator with an external hard drive DVD burner, Creator works. Does any one know how to make the Dell DVD burner work with Creator?
  14. J Nolen

    Compress 7.5Gb Dvd To 4.7Gb Dvd

    How do you use Roxio Creator NXT 4 to compress a DVD? I don't see any settings for this.
  15. Can Creator NXT 4 compress a 7.5Gb dvd to a 4.7Gb dvd or do I have to use DVD Shrink. I have a non copy protected DVD that I would like to copy to a 4.7Gb DVD