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    A Few Issues

    So I'm having some major issues. Most recent (10 mins ago) I was recording some game play and wanted to change the file name to keep my stuff organized. I changed the file name and it switched the file to a M2TS file. Now I can't edit it at all. Why is that even a thing? I open videowave and try to open and edit the file and their no longer DMSM. Why? I looked into converting the file back to DSMS but couldn't find anything. Second, the editor crashes when I try and save, when I try to ad an image, when I try to trim audio. Sometimes it just crashes at random times. I think the worst of it is when I try to save a file. That's really not good. It took me two days of fighting with this program just to get one 15 min video complete. I have the latest version and have tried repairs and re-installs. What gives?