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    I Cant Sign-In Youtube On Roxio

    Just found this thread and noticed I have the EXACT same problem as Alex Polemis about signing in to YouTube via Videowave. At first I was told I had the wrong username and password, then after going on my Google account and allowing all unsecure apps to connect to my account I finally got rid of that problem. But now I have the same problem as Alex had. You write your e-mail and password, you press NEXT and then nothing happens. It doesn't say it's wrong , just nothing happens. The window pops up again and you go in circles forever. When you deliberately write a wrong password you get the 'wrong password' message up, and when you write the correct password again you seem to be able to log on but nothing happens. I think I have encountered every single annoying problem that Roxio has to offer so far. It is quite unbelievable.
  2. I apologize, it was not my inention to be rude I'm capturing video games I play directly from my Playstation 4 Game console connected to the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro. I use HDMI cables for the setup as instructed. The captures/recordings work absolutely fine, all my captures / videos have been captured in M2TS format. The problem occurs when I try to Export the video as mp4 format (after I edit it and add voice overs) I try to make/burn the video with Videowave (SmartAVC or As the Original) but it just gives me the error: cannot render the graph. I've tried to render both in Hardware and Software under Tools options, but it's the same result for both. I finally managed to Export my videos into AVCHD 1920x1080/60p. The video turned out OK (not as good as the original though) but it took my PC a good 4 hours to make it. The few times I have succeeded to Export one of my captures with the quicker SmartAVC option it always messes up the Audio sync (with or without voice overs). Either way thank you for your patience and help mate
  3. I did what you said but there is not much difference. I still get the render error and the few ones I DO manage to burn with SmartAVC come out terrible. The audio is no longer synced and therefore the video is useless. Is there any way to make the narration video window bigger? When I narrate my videos I need to see the text written in the games I play, but the narration window is way too small. The way I have been doing it up to this point is I open the same video in VLC and play it simultaneously. It takes some time to get them perfectly synced and it takes a lot of power from my PC. So the PC fans work overtime, make a horrible sound and sort of ruin the recording sound on my Blue Snowball ICE while narrating. Silly problem which could have been fixed if the narration window could be made bigger.
  4. My Roxio also crashes time and time again for no reason, just during clipping and editing my videos and stuff. For me this software is pretty rubbish.
  5. I get the message that I already have a newer version of Roxio already installed on my computer, and that it will unistall the product. I get no option of repair whatsoever!!
  6. I am trying to burn Game videos recorded (with narration) from PS4 and Xbox One (1080p) into an equally good mp4 quality format (PAL, 1080p, 30fps or 60fps) There are so many different video files I can burn into and I really don't know which one is the best and which one will give me the best High Definition result. Seeing as whenever I try to burn 'As Original' I get the error message 'Unable to build render graph' I simply HAVE to find a better way to burn the video files. I tried using the Windows Media 9 1920x1080 VBR a few times, it worked but the final result was NOTHING like the original file Please help me.
  7. Whenever I try to save the file I get the Error : Unable to build render graph, this software is the most difficult I have ever worked with. It freezes almost half the time and the few videos I have managed to burn have been very poor quality
  8. So, my Roxio won't let me sign into my YouTube channel so I'm not able to upload any of my videos to my channel, well at least not the easy way. It says I have the wrong username or/and password, but I know 100% for certain that I have the correct ones (both) I know other people have had this problem in the past, but I have yet to find or see any solution to this issue, other than deleting your YouTube account/channel and for me that is obviously NOT an option. Can someone please help on this matter please, I'm tired of having to burn the video for several hours just to start uploading it via YouTube's own page. It would be much simpler to just upload directly from Roxio that was in the description of the product when I bought it, but as it is now it is a faulty system.