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    Black And White Video

    Okay, it appears that I was almost on the right track but there isn't an Audio/Video to Component cable that I have found. Therefore, I will try as you suggested and use the Roxio VHS to DVD device. It appears that I can connect to S-Video for video and use an Audio/Video cable to capture sound. On the plus side, if this works properly it is about $60 cheaper than the HD Pro. I can try the pass through method straight away since I have a few old DVD players sitting around. I am not a expert on audio/video connections but I would presume that there would be some level of video degradation using this method. Thank you for the quick reply and I should be off an running with either method.
  2. RichS

    Black And White Video

    I am trying to capture video from my Sony DCR-TRV38 mini DV camera to the computer. When I connect the Audio/Video cable to my TV I get color video, and of course sound, but only black and white video through the HD Pro to the computer. I do not see any settings that can be modified to get the color video. The only video output options on the camera is the Audio/Video and S-Video.