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  1. Well you all need to check yourselves then. Just because you know a little more about computers doesn't put any higher above me.
  2. I didn't post here to be belittled. I posted here to get help. Thank you all for your time but I've decided to no longer put up with this kind of treatment. I paid for your product, not for your sarcasm. Have a nice evening, gentlemen.
  3. First: no I do not have the link anymore. I don't know where it could have gone because I hardly ever delete emails, I just read them. Had I known that this was software that even needed to be backed up and I couldn't retrieve it as easily as I had gotten it in the first place, then I would have done so. But that understanding still doesn't help the fact the I now own a $100 piece of useless plastic. Second: I'm sorry that you didn't understand me Guru but I do not have a CD drive I said. I also mentioned that I had gotten rid of the original CD when I realized I didn't have a CD drive in the first place. This would me that I, in fact, do not have a CD key nor would I need a CD at all considering my computer does not have a CD drive. Lastly: If there is no way to receive an internet downloadable software link, then please just tell me, because I'm not going to be back home for a few months and no one in my platoon has a laptop that I could download the software onto and transfer from. I would rather not waste the time trying to find lengthy alternate solutions and i'd much rather go purchase a different game capture device.
  4. I bought the Roxio and had it installed for almost a year so I never considered needing the disk, especially since I never had a disk drive and still don't. Why can't I just have the link re-sent?
  5. So I've had my Roxio for almost a year now. I got the code from Rox-Ralf last time because I didn't have a CD drive on my old laptop either. My problem is that I couldn't recover most of my programs from my old laptop so i don't have the software anymore. Any solutions? I tried contact Rox-Ralf but I kept getting errors saying that he wasn't receiving messages anymore.
  6. I was getting that message error as well, and have the same issue. Any solutions?