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  1. I dragged all the .jpg photos into the project and dragged all the audio files into the project. I followed all the steps as the program called for. I even got to preview the project and everything worked. The photos were advancing like a slideshow and the audio was also good. The next step was to do a disc burn and that's when I got the message that it couldn't proceed.
  2. I compiled my project with the Create Slideshows and save them as videos and the photos I used are all .jpg files. I am including my dxdiag file. Hopefully it will help.DxDiag.txt
  3. I have compiled a slideshow project with background audio. Everything seems fine and I am able to preview the project but when I try to burn a cd it comes up with this message.... " The file you are trying to use cannot be edited and has not been added. At this point I can't go further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.