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    Fatal Encoding Error

    I am a novice DVD burner so I do not know how to view logs in computers and things like that. I have a Windows 10 64-bit system with 2 TB of memory left. I am using the Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 5 program. I am trying to burn a DVD that is 8385.17 MB. I am using the My DVD program. I need to use my own background picture and had to create a small sound clip as the music that came with the template was inappropriate to the subject of the DVD. I keep getting Encoding Title Failure errors. I have spoken with a Roxio tech support person. He advised me to first delete temp files, temporary Internet files and change the Roxio AppData file to "ROXIO_old." This did not solve the problem. He then told me to uninstall the Roxio program and look for specific files in different folders and rename them using ".old" added to the file name. This did not help either. I even used Revo Uninstaller to try to get every last bit of Roxio off my system. I was ready to tear my hair out and then I remembered having a similar problem last year with Roxio Creator Nxt 4. I vaguely remember finding out in a forum that there is some program (I do not remember which except I have a vague memory it might be Seagate) that you need to remove because Roxio will not work if it is on the system. Can anyone help with this? I am now burning an ISO of the project and it is burning but what is an ISO and is it different from a regular burn and in what way. Is this a way to solve the problem? I also can't get an answer from the old tech (I have put in a new request) about how to switch between the Magic Mode and the Advanced Mode. Does anyone know the answer to this. The little box at the bottom says "Magic Mode" and I want to use "Advanced Mode." I am attaching the screen captures of the crash error. I would appreciate any help you can render with this problem. If I need to check error logs, please give instructions as I am unfamiliar with doing this. Thank you.
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    How To View A Saved Disk

    Thank you for responding. Windows 10 gives you the option to "Expand" when you right click on the drive. It also gives you other options but they all pretty much lead to only the choice to format or burn the disc (see attachment). I clicked on Properties and it seemed to show that the disc was empty and had no data on it. This is strange because it is a new DVD (RW) and Roxio accomplished the burn pretty smoothly with no problems. That is why I want to check that Roxio did in fact burn the disk.
  3. Tindomerel's Account

    How To View A Saved Disk

    Hello. I have a Windows 10 system and am using Creator Nxt 4. When I burn material onto a disk, I want to view the disk itself afterward so I can see that the data is on the disk. However, when I try to use File Explorer in Windows 10 and click on the DVD drive (D), it only wants to burn data to the disk. If I don't cancel out, it will reformat the disk and erase all the data. Is there any way to view the disk to make sure the data is on the disk without having to start all over? Thank you for responding.