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  1. UPDATE: 4/9/16 3:30pm PROBLEM #3: ROXIO 10.xxx DVD burning display failure, WIN XP >The failure of the display panel within DVD feature of ROXIO 10.xxx has no error message. Solution; I had the video card, hardware acceleration turned off to resolve video editing problems of another program. I turned it back on to full and the display within ROXIO 10 xxx DVD burning returns. Thanks for the very indirect hint; asking for specs, I then reviewed same, then thought to check the video card specs too. PROBLEM #1: ROXIO 14.xxx INSTALL FAILURE with WIN XP >> Here is more information, as I await what exact PC spec. you would like to see. The error message that occurs constantly during update on this machine > "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program". Since I can't get this webpage to accept any screen shots nor upload a screenshot file, this will have to do. Roxio 14.492.5 // Build 140B49c ecd // 701b41a ecd = The version with problems #1 and # 2 noted prior.
  2. Aside -- the TOPIC title of this subject should be changed from what you listed (which is rather inaccurate) to something akin to; " ROXIO Install/Compatiablity Issues". Thanks.
  3. Well thanks for combining these 2 issues into one post. However, that fact that others (even 9 months old) have the same problem, indicate 'issues' STILL exists. I'm offering no advice - only my observations. MS Windows can be as much to blame, as Roxio or my PC's or all together.. ROXIO 14.xxx INSTALL FAILURE with WIN XP As far as the 2st post relating to FAILED ROXO 14.xxx install on my Win XP machine -- I can send you those install logs, if you so desire but the exact wording is not in my memory cells. It occurred multiple times during multiple specific file installs, from the entire package. This during each and mupltiple times of trying to install. The error message was again to ' setup files are corrupted, please obtain a new update' and was the same each time file install failed. ROXIO 14.xxx DVD burning feature failure - POST WIN 10 update from WIN 7.xxx As I mentioned, I have uninstalled this and thus the exact error message is not available. Basically before that feature would activate (after hitting button/icon) - the error message box would pop up, asking for the RESOLUTION to be changed before continuing. No RESOLUTION changes fixed the problem. ROXIO 10.xxx DVD burning display failure, WIN XP The failure of the display panel within DVD feature of ROXIO 10.xxx has no error message. Please define EXACTly what PC information you would like to know. Thanks for the help.
  4. Greetings all, I had exactly this problem with trying to install ROXIO 14.xxx retail version on my WIN XP computer. I even tried installing a more current windows 'installer' - recommended in some post somewhere. (I forgot the name of it) That only seemed to faciliate the install and not eliminating the setup/install failure. Roxi/Corel internet's support representative (who did not appear to be be tech knowledgable) - sent me a "new" downloadable version of Roxio. Which I assumed to be an update but turned out to be an older Roxio 10.xxx version. The Roxio 14.xxx setup log files I sent them, she had no idea what to do with them. (I still have them for some reason) I assumed the setup errors were due to all the other bloat codes installing that were NOT Roxio DVD burning software. The Roxio 10.xxx version installed with only 1 setup up error message. It seems to run ok and I had thought until now, that it resolved the issue being talked about. However, now that I want to burn a DVD -- that feature appears to be malfunctioning. Using the MYDVD express feature, will NOT show any image of what one is working on. No background images selected. No video images selected. Weirdly, the DVD capacity bar seems to indicate the selected items are being added to a DVD burning image. Perhaps, Roxio 10.xxx will work for this person's problem, even if it didn't for me. Aside - might there be an easy fix for my somewhat related issue OR am I just going to have to be saddled with defective Roxio products?
  5. Greetings Brendon, As a brand new user of thix Roxio version 14xxxx, I have exactly the same issue and problem. It only installed properly on my old HP Laptop with it's older WIN 7.xxx the burning DVD feature seemed to work just fine. Setup menus and load video's etc for burning. However upon updating to WIN 10 this past month. The error message described previously here -- keeps popping up and preventing the operation of the burning DVD feature. Your suggestion for changing resolution setting -- does NOT work for Roxio 14xxx. No selection of resolution settings available will permit this Roxio 14.xxxx to work for DVD burning. I can only assume that WIN10 or other, broke ROXIO. Removing Roxio and reinstalling it does NOT solve the issue either. Installing Roxio 10.xxxx seems to allow this feature to work in the older version but then I do not have the new Roxio 14. Is there some solution, that might be known out there? So far I can only assume that Roxio 14.xxx is just as incompatiable with WIN10 as it is incompatiable with WIN XP -- at least on my machines. (despite marketing claims otherwise)