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  1. Essentially seems I am having a similar problem to others on the forum - when a tape with multiple 'scenes' on is imported, the video will hang at the end of the clip and the recording end. Of note that while the recording has technically ended and the video is either blank or noise, the audio will continue to function. I've used other software and the stopping problem persists. I was hoping there is some sort of work around to this other than an additional pass through device as mentioned elsewhere on this forum. Computer used: MacBook Pro Early 2012 Input method: Composite Cables VHS Player: Hitachi combined VHS/DVD Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Ooops, apologies, running Windows 10 on that system.
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    Recording Cuts Out

    Anyone have any luck finding a fix or workaround without intermediary hardware? I'd love to hear the Plan B also Jim_Hardin!