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  1. Well when I had the problem with NXT4 right after I purchased it as an upgrade for 2009 it didn't work & Roxio support blamed it on my Windows install so I wiped & reloaded the computer to no avail. Now here I am years later. I just installed NXT4 on a freshly loaded Windows 10 PC & I still can't do more than 2 tracks at a time. Roxio keeps trying to get me to spend money upgrading to a newer version. Why would I spend money on something that won't be fixed if it doesn't work?
  2. I just installed Creator NXT 4. I upgraded from Creator 2009. When I try to Batch Convert & Transfer Audio files the Edit Audio Tags function will only identify 2 tracks then it says it can't identify the rest. Then if I do them 2 at a time & convert them not all the tracks are numbered. This all worked fine on Creator 2009. I have read that some people were having this problem with NXT 2 & I'm really surprised it hasn't been resolved yet. It's odd that a company would replace a working product with one that doesn't work properly & then not fix it right away.