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    Mydvd Blue Ray Option Is Disabled

    I just upgraded to Toast 14 Pro and found when I try to create a MyDVD for BluRay the option is disabled. Do i need to do something to enable it?
  2. Couple more questions. Really was hoping on some feedback. 1) Is PhotoMagico owned by Roxio now or still owned by Bionx? Any thought on when 6.0 might show up? 2) I have read a lot about the toaster portion of 14 not being changed a lot and some video quality issues with BlueRay. Since we are talking a number of years, I would hope upgrading would add some features and stability to the product. Any thoughts? 3) MyDVD looks like an old product called MyDVD that I used 10 years back. Is this the same product? If so, has it been significantly enhanced or is this just a repackaging of something old. I feel it is time to upgrade, but if i am not going to get much for my money I will wait. Really could use some thoughts.
  3. I am thinking about upgrading my Toast 11 to 14 and then upgrading my FotoMagico 4.5 RE to 5.0 Pro. Looking for the most cost effective way to accomplish this task and of course there is no sufficient info on the sites to accomplish this. Can someone provide some guidence. Is RE the same as basic FotoMagico for upgrade sake. Do I just upgrade to Toast 14 and then upgrade to FotoMagic from 4.0? For the people that have gone from 11 to 14, is the upgrade worth it in terms of stability and extra functionality. I am just a hobbiest that liked to create blue rays and DVDs and streaming video and slide shows. iMovie is just not cutting it for slideshows. -Ron