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    Issues After Loading....

    thanks i'll try using the powered usb hub this evening.
  2. Zonker1972

    Issues After Loading....

    i think we found the problem. i don't think the surface usb puts out that much power. i know that it doesn't put out enough power to run a dvd drive.
  3. Zonker1972

    Issues After Loading....

    thanks for the advice. i've tried 3 different USB ports on my port replicator and the only one on my surface. i get the same results regardless of which USB is used. any other ideas?
  4. Zonker1972

    Issues After Loading....

    no. they played fine on this vcr when it was hooked to my tv. also, these tapes played fine when i had my old computer hooked to this vcr through one touch grabber, another vhs to dvd package.
  5. Zonker1972

    Issues After Loading....

    i have the 3 plus software. there are no gaps on the tape that would account for the loss of signal. i have tried 2 different tapes that both played fine in the past.
  6. Zonker1972

    Issues After Loading....

    So i'm running windows 10 my my surface pro 3 and I would like to make some VHS tapes into digital media to save on my hard drive. The software loads fine, i update it from roxio's website just fine but when i push play on the vcr, I get what looks like scrambled signal for about 2 seconds and then it looses the video feed. I am using the yellow/red/white jacks, no s-video connection. I've also tried to load the software on a virtual box running XP. even though the USB specific to the hardware stick is loaded, the software can't seem to find the video feed. I used to have a one touch grabber that worked well but that was years and many operating systems ago. it won't run on windows 10. any help is greatly appreciated. zonker