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  1. Yes you fixed the "program" urrr the "operator"! lol I am not techie!!!
  2. You are a genius!!! I plugged cables into back of VCR and voila!!! it is working!!! Thank you so much! I never would of thought of that!!!
  3. 1) Did you plug in the USB device BEFORE you installed the program. If so, there is a good chance that that is your probelem. I don't think so, but I will unplug, uninstall and reinstall. 2) What vcr devices are you trying to capture from? Samsung and I tried a Sylvania. 3) Are you using the outputs on the front or back of the VCRs? Front 4) What happens if you start the video playback on the VCR and then press pause? Does the program see the input? No, I have tried playing then pressing pause. The video does not show on the screen at all. I cannot press the record button as it is not "visible" to press record. Thank you for such a quick response!! I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me!!
  4. I purchased Easy VHS to DVD 3 (stated on the box) and installed on my laptop yesterday. Windows 10. The installation DVD says Easy VHS to DVD 3 plus. I went online and paid for an upgrade to PLUS, not realizing the DVD said PLUS on it. Anyway, everything is plugged in correctly, yellow to yellow, red to red, white to white. The video will not display on my laptop in the software's display window, so I cannot hit the RECORD button. Screen says Roxio searching for video signal (see attached screen shot) I tried installing on my pc that has windows 7. Same problem. I tried on two different VCR's. Same problem. I went online and downloaded a patch. Did not fix problem. I went online to customer support, the lady said she isn't qualified to help me (after about a half hour online!) and she would issue a support ticket. She did say this should run on windows 10. I am not a tech guru, and am so frustrated. I want my $19.99 back that I spent on the upgrade, and I want to return this software to BestBuy, unless you can fix this ASAP! HELP!