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    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    Ditto on all the Comments above. I have resorted to reinstalling "My DVD Video Lab HD", and I use Creator NXT only for Express projects and some of the New Features it has. The "Create DVD" on the Upper Right hand Corner of "Creator NXT 4" is deceptive, it just takes you back to the "Dumbed Down" "My DVD" It says "Create Custom Discs of you Videos and Menus and Sound Tracks" in the small comment under it. ‚ÄčIt is actually the Same Button in Center of the Page Labeled "Creator" then "Create DVDs" They both take you into the "Dumbed Down" " My DVD" Also I have had lot of Trouble Burning DVDs ( I wasted about 100 in all, trying to figure out the Problem). To Burn I Now Restart from C in "Safe Mode". Burn projects are Successful 99% of the Time. I Downloaded and Printed my own Manual and Bound it. To Sum it up: In my opinion Roxio owes us an Apology and an Extreme Discount on a the Next Creator release; Fortified and Restored to it former Glory. Dell 660s Windows 10