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  1. TNMike

    Live Screen Capture

    I have just down loaded and installed Roxio Toast 15 Pro to my Mac Ver 10.12.3. I have followed the instructions on page 17 of the Toast 15 guide. The app LSC seems to start ok but it will not stop when I use either the Stop button or the commands Control>Command>1 (per instructions). The only way I can stop the app is by using Force Quit. Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. TNMike

    How Do You Edit The Titles On The Menu Screen

    Thanks 'oldarchiver, your answer helps me to understand what the software is doing.
  3. In Toast 14 Titanium you have the option to select a menu style in the process of making a video DVD. How do you edit the individual button titles within a menu style. I see this question several times in the discussions but no answer. Can these buttons be labeled and if so how? If they cannot be labeled or edited what is their purpose? Any suggestions are certainly appreciated. Thanks