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    Toastdvd Plays On Mac But Not On Dvd Player

    Technical Support was very helpful with this. Here is their suggestion that worked for me: Could you please try to go to the Preferences settings on Toast DVD > Video and then set it to NTSC? Once you changed it. Follow my instructions below for burning your DVD project. Burn disc in ISO Image. 1. Open Toast and click on the Video tab and choose Blu-ray. 2. Import the video/data that you want to burn. 3. Change the Destination into "Disc Image" 4. Hit "Save" and set the location of the output folder. 5. A .toast file will be created and then proceed to the next steps below. Burn Created ISO Image disc. 1. In Copy tab function, change the option on the top left corner into "Image File". 2. Click on Select button and browse for .Toast file that you created earlier. 3. Once imported, change the Destination into the Burner drive. 4. You can set the burner settings if you want and if you're ready, you can hit Copy to start the burning process. 5. Wait until the burn process is completed. The only change I made in these was to leave the setting at DVD-video instead of changing the video tab to Blu-ray. Other people who will be using this may not have Blu-Ray. Bottomline - the dvd worked both on my computer and on our Samsung dvd player. The chapter menu was a little hard to find, but they work, too! I will test on other dvd players before I declare victory!
  2. ToastDVD 2.2.1 produced a great dvd, using the DVD-Video setting, that plays on my Mac computer, but will not play on my Samsung DVD player which plays both regular and Blue-Ray dvds. The Samsung error message says that the dvd is not a readable format and may have been purchased in a foreign country. I used NTSC encoding in making the dvd. I used iMovie to create the content. In ToastDVD, I chose a Menu style that allowed chapters, created the chapters, and then burned the DVD. My media is a DVD-R. I left all the default settings. When clicked on burn, I saw a message box asking if I wanted to re-encoded in PAL, but since I am in the USA, I left it as NTSC. Is there something I need to change to get this to run on a DVD player. I do not need high def - the original video shoot quality does not warrant that. Thanks for any help!!
  3. jaloal

    Chapter Titles

    Hi, I have had Toast DVD for just a couple of days ago so I am a real newbie, but I also needed to have chapter markings in a dvd. Here's how I did it...I used iMovie to string together a bunch of video clips. In iMovie, I added a Title at the beginning and between each clip and a fade transition before and after each title. The Title was the text that I wanted the chapters to be. I shared my iMove as a File and then dragged it into Toast DVD. I clicked on the edit button and then clicked on the Chapters button. When the first title showed up, I clicked ok and the first Chapter button appeared. Then in the edit window I slid the progress cursor to the next title and clicked the + sign in chapters to make the next chapter button. I repeated this all through the video. I chose a menu style that met my needs. I saved this as a Disc image so I could test it and it works perfectly. When I watch the movie, the each title shows up as a button in the menu. There is no "Chapter 0", "Chapter 1" - just the titles that I want. if I click on the menu button of my player, I can go from segment to segment in any order. It plays through the entire video from wherever I start. Again, I have only worked on this for a couple of hours, and I have read that Toast DVD has problems producing a DVD that can be played various DVD players - I hope that is not the case as this is a training video that I have to distribute. That will be my next test - for now...looking good!