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  1. I have used Sound Editor (going back to earlier versions as well) for years to capture both CD & cassette audio. All of a sudden, I was unable to capture cassette from line in. Cassette plays fine through speakers, but is not recognized by S.O. I can still capture CD's. It recognizes neither "line in" or "speakers" for the cassette deck. Roxio recommended a "clean" install, which I performed, but that did not help. Any ideas?
  2. Good grief Guru! I can't get any help from Roxio, so I have a bad attitude? FYI, I was using Creator 12 when I decided to upgrade to Win 10. Roxio advised me to upgrade to NXT 4, and everything would be fine.
  3. Sorry Guru. I didn't see your post where you "already told me." Roxio won't help, so I was just trying to find someone who would. It was Roxio that told me to upgrade to NXT 4. I guess I should have asked you first. Don't worry, I won't be "threadjacking" or anything else on this forum!
  4. Hello fellow Roxioers, I have a similar issue with NXT4 PRO. Capture from CD ... edit ... save ... try to open Music Disc Creator ... program locks up. When I reboot, it works fine. I have been through a remote session with support, and they un-installed & re-installed. Said to let them know if that didn't solve ... it didn't ... I let them know ... no response. I re-opened the case. Support will not talk to you on phone ... they insist on email tag. Have to wait until the next day for reply. Offered to set me up with another remote a week later. Not very happy! I never had these issues before NXT4 & Win10. Veeeeery frustrated!
  5. Did everything as it is supposed to be done. Extensive editing on the CD from our Sunday service to send to radio station. I capture the service using Sound Editor. I have been doing this for years. Never had an issue until Win 10. Was told I needed to upgrade to NXT 4 Pro. Didn't help. After editing & saving, you have to go to Music Disc Creator to save as .wav file. When I click on MDC, the program stops responding. I have waited a loooooong time early in the issue, and it never responds. When I reboot and re-open the file, it works as it should. I have not been impressed with the help I have gotten from Roxio Support.
  6. After editing audio in Sound Editor, when I try to open Music Disc Creator, the program locks up every time. After reboot, it works. Even though this works almost every time, it it very worrisome, because I have to close other important programs and start Sound Editor again. It also happens if no other programs are open. I spend hours editing a project, and then I can't complete it. Very frustrating. I have uninstalled and re-installed and updated the software. Anyone else have this issue?