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    Dvd Demo Version Watermark

    When exporting to a DVD (or exporting a video file) the resulting file has a watermark at the top left saying DEMO VERSION. as per attached image. This only happens for the export and not for the post and email etc. How do I remove the watermark? We have purchased the full product and we are listed as a premium.
  2. DanaT67

    Dvd Demo Version Watermark

    When you say theme do you mean style. If so it is Wipe Out. Border or not the same happens. Version is 6.1.0 Build 1 as noted when clicking on check for updates. The need for this has now passed - It was for a funeral and we went another product.
  3. DanaT67

    Dvd Demo Version Watermark

    Happens on both Win 7 and Win 10. Purchased on Friday from roxio website. Have also done a remove and reinstall on win 10, then did an install on win 7. redownloaded in each case.