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  1. Until now, all of my work with Toast has been with one long clip. I was able to make basic Chapters with no fuss and everything worked as it should. Now I am trying to create a Blu-ray disc that has four clips (mp4 files). I brought each clip in to Toast one by one, starting with the first clip that I wanted played. I did not “create” any Chapters. It seemed like if I did it would be a Chapter WITHIN each clip. However, in the final result, each clip made its own Chapter. Each chip shows up as a “Chapter” on the Main Blu-ray menu. When the Blu-ray disc is put in the player, the main menu, (the only menu), shows each of my clips that I can select with the remote control. All of this is fine, I have just one problem. When you press the Chapter Advance (aka Next Chapter) on the remote control for the disc player it shows the “NO” symbol on screen and will not advance to the next Chapter. The only way I can jump to the next clip (Chapter) is to press “Top Menu" on the remote control which takes me back to the main menu of the Blu-ray. From there I select the chapter I want. What I would like to happen, is when I press the Chapter Advance (aka Next Chapter) on the remote control for the disc player it will advance to the next chapter. I can also mention, when just playing the disc, it will advance from one chapter to the next without doing anything, and this is what I want. My problem is confined to chapter skipping/ jumping. Suggestions appreciated.
  2. XL5

    Need some help with menus.

    Thanks theoldarchiver, I am getting better at this (with your help)! I just wish there was a way to create Blu-rays with an easy-to-use program like iDVD. With iDVD, what you see, is what you get, there are absolutely no surprises when you burn the disc. I got a spoiled, I guess. >> The ‘My Movie’ text in the menu, is the menu title. You can edit that with Customize in the right side panel, then the Menus tab. << I have discovered that. What is surprising to me is that even when I change the text, Toast still shows it as "My Movie" on the preview image. Although, the text I want does show up in the final burn. I have never found a program that will "Play" a Blu-ray from a Blu-ray image file. I purchased the program "Blu-ray Player" but it presents the Blu-ray menus differently than how the disk is actually burned. When making DVDs, I can use an image file and play it with Apple's "DVD Player" (still 32-bit!) and it looks exactly how it looks when burned. Is there anything like this for Blu-rays? https://www.macblurayplayer.com/how-to-play-bluray-iso-files-on-mac.htm
  3. XL5

    Need some help with menus.

    Hello, Need some help with menus. I cut my teeth with iDVD (LOVE IT) and I really miss the ability you know exactly what I'm going to get before I burn a disc. I'm making some progress with using "Blu-ray Video". I need simple menus so I am using "Cobblestone" with a black background. The sub-menus look terrific. It is the main menu that I'm struggling with. I have figured out how to have a background image in my main menu. But there's always this big black rectangle I can't get rid of. I could keep this rectangle if I could figure out how to put an image into it. I don't even know what this rectangle is. Is it a button? Can it be deleted or made smaller? Can I put text in it? Can I put an image in it? There is no black rectangle when using "Splash", but now I have "My Movie" on the main menu that I cannot eliminate, or change the text. Suggestions are appreciated.
  4. Thank you for helping me. My ONLY interest in Toast is authoring Blu-ray discs. I am using Toast 15 on one of our Macs that is "Frozen" to OS 10.9.5 we ONLY use this Mac for movie editing. We stay on OS 10.9.5 because that is the last version that works (with no fuss) with iMovie HD 06 and iDVD. I did purchase a copy of Toast 16 Pro, but I later learned it requires 10.10 or after. I found my installation disc for Toast 15 Pro . However, I do have "MyDVD" but I don't know how to tell if I have any extra menu templates. I searched my computer for the names, "Painter Essentials" and "AfterShot" and I get nothing. So I'm still not sure if I have the "Pro" version, or if I even need it for my purposes.
  5. How can I tell if I have Toast Titanium 15, or Toast Titanium Pro 15. I tried "About Toast Titanium", but it does not tell me. Thanks
  6. I Would Like Some Help Setting Chapters In Toast 15.1 ( I guess it's not possible to edit the title of your question ? ) I am working with HD video trying to create a Blu-ray disc that will have a main menu and Chapters. I have Toast 15.1. I have done this successfully with previous versions of Toast. I am setting my chapters but I never get any type of main menu. The movie just starts playing. When I play the movie a Chapter buttons on the remote do not function. I noticed that some of the options give me a square black hole in the middle of the menu. I don't know what that is for. I am doing this: Chapters > Automatic Button > Select, Every 10 Minutes > OK.
  7. XL5

    Found Bug In Toast 15

    I feel pretty lonesome on this forum. I discovered my problem, it turns out that Toast cannot handle a HD Video.ts file. If I use a .mov or .mp4 file Toast does not crash and works in the way I am accustomed to. It would be nice if Toast could tell the user that it cannot use a given file instead of crashing.
  8. XL5

    Found Bug In Toast 15

    When using Toast 15 to make a Blu-ray disc, if you select your video and click on "Edit" so you can create chapters, the new window, (Edit Video) that opens, locks up the program. I get a spinning gray circle in the Toast 15 program itself, and the Apple spinning "Beach Ball of Death" as well. After I select "Edit" I have to Force Quit Toast 15. After 26 minutes, the Edit Video window becomes functional. In previous versions of Toast the Edit Video window was usable instantaneously, with no perceivable delay.
  9. Thank you for helping! Great question. I must confess, I was unaware of this difference. As you suspected, my files are all VIDEO_TS/VTS. I have no BDMV/STREAM......... Any way I can "easily" fix this? I recently purchased Toast 14, but I have not installed it yet. I don't know if the newer version would help me accomplish my goals.
  10. Project plays perfectly when burned to dual layer DVD, but not when burned to Blu-ray. Recently, everyone wants their projects done on M-DISC. As you may know, there's no such thing as a dual layer M-DISC. I am starting out with a Video TS folder. When I put my project on a dual layer DVD everything works perfectly. But I need to be able to use M-DISC. So, I tried to put the project on a M-DISC Blu-ray. When I do this, the Blu-ray player thinks that my video is a data disc. I can look at this data on the Blu-ray player. There, I can see some of the individual files containing the video, but the disc does not play properly as it does when burned to a dual layer DVD. I'm using Toast 12 with Mac OS 10.9.5. The reason I am using this older version of the Mac OS is because we also use iMovie HD 06. I'm having good success with Toast 12 otherwise. Suggestions appreciated.