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  1. Just some feedback, I don't think it does. If I set the Roxio to output mp2tsmrather than MP4, cpu usage is a lot lower as displayed in OBS studio. Still does what I need it to though, and my crappy gt730 can do NVENC, so it all good.
  2. And I can point the software to my rtmp service for it to stream to on my LAN? Do I need OBS, or all with the Roxio software?
  3. I'm not sure I understand? Can the encoded video from the Roxio be passed through with the Roxio software to a streaming service without having to be re-encoded?
  4. I want to live stream video from a STB over my network. I currently capture from the STB from component into an easycap, and then stream to a local rtmp server on my home server with OBS. My new STB has HDMI out, and I'd like to use that for better video quality. From what I've read, the Roxio software can life stream tommy rtmp server, which is fine, but, will the video need to be re-encoded by the PC doing the capturing, or can it just stream the video received from the Roxio over USB? The capture PC is a Microserver n54l, running a dual core AMD 2.2GHz, so not great for encoding, hence this solution..