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    Mac Os X 10.11 El Capitan

    It does not work on a macbook Pro 2012 under El Capitan. At least not on my system. The device is not recognized in the usb 3 port. I have update the software to 1.05 from Roxio, but no result.
  2. klaasvdhurk

    Easy Vhs To Dvd Doesn't Recognize The Usb Device

    If i had known all these problems i did not bought the device. Indeed they did not updated the software to the latest software of OS-X . I use El Capitan and the device does not work !!! I will return it to the shop.
  3. I have a new package with a roxio easy `VHS to DVD`for Mac. I tried to connect the dongle but the software does not recognize the device. I have a macbook with the latest OS-X El Capitane. Does anyone can help me with this problem. It seemed that more people have this problem. Is there a possibility for a software update ??