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  1. Thank you, I had already done that. well, its late here in the UK, so signing off for now.
  2. Yes I had already run the installer's 'Repair' option, and all is running fine again. So it seems that the unwanted apps will have to just sit there. I will try to see which services might be stopped safely. On a general note, I would like to thank all people who have kindly posted replies to my many questions. This is an well supported forum. Thank you.
  3. An update: After I deleted 'BackOnTrack' placed on my C: SSD drive, and also 'Roxio Burn', from my HDD; there were issues: I found that 'MyDVD' and 'VideoWave' would not run. It seems that 'VideoWave' is also required by 'MyDVD'. Either some of the services that were stopped, and/or one of the above apps, were required to be running as well? I assume that I shall have to live with these apps remaining? Such a shame that the installer did not have a 'Custom' option. Is it possible to remove these apps, and still run 'MyDVD' and 'VideoWave'? Thank you.
  4. Apologies about the double posting, I did not notice that it had gone onto another page. Well after a lot of hassle I eventually managed to delete the folder 'BackOnTrack' placed on my C: SSD. Had to stop a number of 'Services' that it was running. Thank you.
  5. How can I delete the folder 'BackOnTrack' placed on my C: SSD drive that holds Windows 7. I chose to install Roxio Creator 2012 Pro to my HDD E:. No option to not install the above bloat ware, and now no uninstall option. I turned off as many Roxio start ups as possible and services, but always get the message that a file or folder is open, so cannot be deleted. I want to keep as much as possible space on this limited size SSD. Any ideas please?
  6. I place most of my programs on the E; HDD. So that was where Roxio Creator 2012 is installed. Annoyingly the installer placed the 'BackOnTrack' folder on my SSD, C: drive. (No options to not install, and now no option to uninstall). This is where Windows 7 lives and now has 500 Mb of this bloatware on it. When I try to delete the folder the message is that a file or folder is open. Tried turning off some Roxio stuff in start up and MSCONFIG, but just cannot get rid of this darn folder. Any ideas please?
  7. Just tried to open a past .dmsd project made with Creator NXT. It opened in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. However, the menu style is not one that is included in the 2012 version, so although the background was there , the titles text was missing. Again, no big issue, as I could re-make the .dmsd if need be with a different menu. Also, I have the .ISO file for all these projects; so no great loss. Thank you.
  8. Hello, Yes I see that folder on Disc 1, and I assume all the available MyDVD Menu Styles have been installed. There are 101 Menu Styles installed, so more than enough for me. As this is a slightly older version of MyDVD than my NXT version, then I just accept that some styles will differ and I have not got some of the ones I used to use. No big deal really. Thank you.
  9. Yes the second disc 'Program and Content' was included. But as you can see from the screen shot, no further MyDVD menu Styles on it. Thank you.
  10. Hello again. Just received the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro 2 discs from the USA eBay seller. (A rather long and slow process, but they arrived safely). As advised by you, I uninstalled Creator NXT first. Install went fine and product code was no problem and allowed software to be registered. The Blu-ray authoring button is working in MyDVD and I made a test disc onto a re-writable Blu-ray disc. The resulting disc played perfectly in my Panasonic Blu-ray player/recorder. A few comments & questions: - The version of Roxio Cineplayer included, does not support Blu-ray playback which is a shame. - There was no 'Custom' install option, so ended up with some bloatware that I do not need: 'Roxio Burn' and 'Back On Track' - Could I simply remove their installed folders? No big deal as I have an huge HDD on my PC. - Do Corel/Roxio ever read the posts on this forum? I would hope that future versions of Creator will get back their full non-cut-down apps. - A while ago, I did send some pdfs made from this thread to Roxio support and asked that their developers are sent them. - The 'Themes' in MyDVD seem to be missing a few I used to use in Creator NXT. Is there any way to get them from my NXT install disc or the web? So all in all, a good result getting this slightly older version of creator with the help from you guys, thank you very much, great support.
  11. Hello, Earlier, Sknis mentioned AVCHD. Would I be right that this is to do with camcorder movies? I assume that Creator Pro 2012 would handle this, even though not required at this time. The Creator pro 2012 discs are about half way over to me from the States, I will keep you posted when received/installed. Thank you.
  12. Hello both, It will take 7-10 days for the discs to get from the USA to me in the UK. I will let you know how it goes. Do you know if most/all parts of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro are the same as in my present Roxio Creator NXT? Apart from the Blu-ray authroring, and the other 'Pro' extras, I assume that MyDVD, VideoWave, Disc copy etc are the same? Thank you