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    Toast 11.2 And Audio Burn Speed

    Thank you for your response. It turns out to be the media. I have some HP CD-Rs that I was using. I obtained a Verbatim from a friend and that burned fine. I did some research and ended up buying some SONY Music CD-Rs that seem highly rated. I had read that you should burn audio at the slowest possible speed to avoid such problems. From your post I suppose that depends on the drive, computer as well as the software. I could not find any specifics on speeds that the Mac Superdrive will support. In practice though with my system it burns at an average rate of 8x or higher. That's fine as long as it works. The HP CD-Rs have an unusual label that you can see through part of it. I read that was not necessarily a good thing. The Verbatim has a white label that you can ink-jet print on. Thanks again for your help :-)
  2. Biagio

    Toast 11.2 And Audio Burn Speed

    I have been burning my own CD-Rs with audio. I get skips and drop outs. So I tried to lower the speed using Toast Titanium 11.2. The speed I set is ignored, and the "Best" setting is used instead. Is there a fix for this in newer versions of the program? I have a Mac Mini and SuperDrive, running OSX 10.8.5 The Audio is 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo interleaved file from Pro Tools 10. THank you for taking the time to read / respond to my post. It is appreciated.