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    Problems Importing .mp4 Into Itunes

    i read a similar guide here: AVI iTunes 12 Sloution: How to import and Play AVI files on iTunes
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    Converting Video_TS folders/VOB files

    Video _ TS is a short form of Video Transport System and it is basically a directory structure for a DVD movie. Majority of the DVDs contain two folders in their root directory and these are – AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The folder named as Video _ TS contains all the information of the DVD regarding its playback and data. The folder also contains information regarding backup files (.BUP), video object (.VOB) and information files (.IFO). Thus we can say that all the video related information in a DVD is stored in Video _ TS folder while all the audio related information is stored on Audio _ TS. Though Video _ TS can be played on computers and DVD players but if you wish to enjoy your movies and videos with Video _ TS folder on portable devices like iPhone, PSP, Xbox 360, MP4 players, Android tablet and others, then you will have to change the format from Video _ TS to MP4.