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    Copy And Convert Video - Web Video

    I'm so sorry for placing my reply in wrong spot. I thought my response would go in the "Reply to this topic". I guess I am too new at this forum. Thank you for your informative information. I have been able to save 7-8 computers with System Mechanic, so I will keep it, even if I don't have all of the Roxio Creator 2011 features. I will try to return Creator NXT 4 since it doesn't work as advertised. I did "what I was told to do" and used the Screen Capture feature of NXT4 as directed above and do not like it, however it does work. Thank you for your help. I won't disturb you all again with my inexperience.\ Regards, Memasretired
  2. memasretired

    Copy And Convert Video - Web Video

    I am using Windows 7and have no plans to update of Windows 10 on this 6 year old desktop. I only purchased nxt 4 so that I could use the Capture and convert feature, since the Capture and convert feature of my Roxio Creator 11 quit working with the same symptoms. I am thinking that the "registry cleaner" portion of System Mechanics Pro, which I use automatically, may be the culprit, and may be why my older Creator 11 capture and convert feature doesn't work. I don't understand how, but I read something over my head about how the registry cleaner removes something the feature needs, thinking it is an error. That's a "newbie" version of my understanding. If I turn of the registry cleaner and re-install Creator nxt4 will I get back the correct full files it needs. I like the feature of these programs because I understand how to use them and used them often. My grandsons have made youtube videos and I want to burn them to DVD. I'd like to use what I have and not look for other things to learn. I will take a look at the screen capture feature you are recommending and try to understand and use it if you don't think my solution would work. Thanks for your help.
  3. memasretired

    Copy And Convert Video - Web Video

    I am jumping in here because I have the exact same problem with newly purchased Creatornxt 4 AND Roxio 11. I purchased the nxt4 BECAUSE Roxio 11 Convert Web Videos function was not working properly. I thought that perhaps You Tube had changed there operation functions and my software was obsolete. However, Creator nxt 4 is doing same thing. Your explanations to Mark from Erie seem plausible to me except Roxio 11 worked when I converted and copied youtube video several months ago. Why then would you say nxt4 has not worked properly since beginning. I can't help but think something else is going on with the software....By the way, I do run a registry cleaner, which was working when I installed nxt4 yesterday. I bought nxt4 for this feature also, so if your comments to Marc also apply to me, then I will return a software that doesn't work. Am I on the correct path or off base and need to create my own topic? Sorry if I goofed!