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    Was a medical editor, instructional designer, and ad copy writer for a million years. I now tutor algebra.
  1. Bobbitz44

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    I am new to any forum. I am 72 and am trying to learn but I can't find anything. Each search returns NO RESULTS. Could you direct me to two things: first, the actual file that I can use to update ECDC 5 Platinum 5.0 (306) and something Brendon referred to as a patch so that the program will write to my CD Rom drive. I wish I weren't so inexperienced at this. Really frustrating for me and anyone who has to put up with me. I feel like an idiot . . . but it's just lack of experience, I hope! Poor Brendon has lost his patience with me. I don't even understand how to organize my questions. They're "all over the place" according to him. But I just am blind to this gigantic universe. Again, so sorry.
  2. Bobbitz44

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    I'm so sorry. I'm like a blind person in a strange new city: I have no idea when I type this where it will appear. My version is 5.0 (306). I neither know how to update nor patch it. I need more specifics. The version is as I typed it, with the parens. Again, I apologize for the annoyance. Bobbie
  3. Bobbitz44

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Installed Platinum as a test on my husband's laptop. Yay team for being able to see full functionality again. However, as Brendon has stated, the program does not recognize the driver for CD ROM drive. The drive is Toshiba MK8034GSX. Remember the song, "Workin' My Way Back To You, Babe"? That's my theme song of the day. This forum and especially my Guardian Angel, Brendon, so rule!!! Bobbie
  4. Bobbitz44

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Brendon: I thought the REPLY button would be on YOUR post. Again, I apologize but I have not navigated a forum and, like anything new, there is a learning curve. I sent you yet another personal message to tell you about the old ECDC5 Plantinum I found in the program files of what used to be the 98 part in a 98/XP partitioned hard drive. I had it done that way to continue using the program in 98. When it started working in XP (and why I don't know), a friend (deceased) removed the dual boot The old program requires a key, which I certainly don't have. However, I received a . . . hard copy of Platinum today in the mail. I included a picture of the folder contents of the old Platinum folder in my message. I'm on another computer, so I can't reinsert the screen capture (if that's what it's called). It's like so many of these electronic things have multiple names, like flash drives, thumb, etc. This stuff is not for the faint of heart. As I said, was up most of the night trying to read everything (more than once) and make sense of what happened and how to proceed. Will wait for The Guru to make a single keystroke. (Truly, I am staying out of the room with the XP computer so as not to muck about with it anymore.) Oh, I just saw the "attach files" deal below. I will try to use that to include any pictures that might be helpful in the future. My best to you, Bobbie
  5. Bobbitz44

    Trying To Run Ecdc 5 In Windows 7

    Does anyone keep the updates for Roxio 5 Basic since the ones online no longer work? It worked for years--like 15--and then it just stopped about two weeks ago. I've messed with it so much now that I no longer have any functionality--except burning a CD. No more labels, which is what made this program so wonderful. I truly feel as if I'm in mourning. I've lost a computer "pal." By the way, is there anyone in here who lives in or near Portland, Oregon? I could sure use your help. I can't seem to be able to get a response to questions I put in the search for this forum. I just don't know how to use it properly. Hey, I've made it to 72 in good health so I can't be a complete waste of time! Ignorance is the problem . . . not stupidity. I'll take any advice I can get for either getting back the program on XP or also how to use this site. Thanks to Brandon and all . . . Bobbie
  6. I took a screenshot of all my themes renamed to be jpegs. I'm not sure how to show it or even I have to. I tried removing everything, then was up all night trying to get something back. Every time I touch it, I lose more functionality. Sooo, I'm just gonna wait until Brendon tells me e-zat-ly what to do. I'm dangerous on this thing, for sure. Now, I want to try and attach this picture. Hmmm. Holy hell, all I did was a copy and paste. Well that was easy. As you can see, I no longer have any choices. Will do one more to show the label creator MIA. I don't know if this helps . . . But I sure need it. Will wait for directions from someone who takes pity on this old lady.