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  1. I am NOT very Technical minded .I am trying to get possible explanation for static on some songs recently burned from Vinyl and cassette format on a Crosley Songwriter unit. Unit is about 5 yrs old, but used very little for playback or transfer of vinyl/cassette to CD's. No problem noted until now. I had used MAXELL CD-R MUSIC Discs (no longer available) in past and noted no problem but no more left. Static now apparent on 2 of the last and only MEMOREX CD-R Discs I began using now. It has occurred on 2-3 songs burned at the middle or end of a disc (approx.area tracks 10-22) from Cassette and or Vinyl in no real order, somewhat sporadic. Other songs clear. Sound is reminiscent of speaker static. Crosley as usual no help, does anyone out there have any explanation, ideas that may help me. It is difficult to find anyone to repair or even check one of these units out. Don't know if it can be corrected somehow, maybe by lens cleaner or changing discs? Any advice as to what it could be would be truly appreciated. I saw your site and it looked informative but I was not even sure where to place this question, sorry. Thanks, from a clueless electronic person.