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  1. Hi Jim, Sorry, I meant Roxio Media Import ... from Roxio Creator Business Edition in my old Lenovo T400 .psod and .dat are located in C:\Users\Anyo\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\MediaManager9 and C:\Users\Anyo\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\MediaManager10; sizes are quite small around 7 MB ... BTW, I'm guessing that thumbnails are inside those files. And yes, sadly understand that will be low quality; but better than nothing or a screenshot. Attachments show file sizes and thumbnails max size.. Regards, Oscar.
  2. Hi, My external drive was stolen and lost many pictures, but in Roxio Media Creator Import can see some of them as thumbnails in the right side pane. Think the thumbnails are stored in the .psod or .dat files, is there any way to extract the images from the database ? The original files where in the external drive. One solution is set to the biggest thumbnail size and then make a screen shot, but that will be time consuming and quality will be lost. If at least I could extract the biggest image and best quality from the database would be great. Any ideas? TIA, Oscar.