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  1. I've used Creator since Creator 7, but the NXT series is really starting to tick me off. My NXT 3 did not correctly display the content being captured from an ATT Uverse DVR. The source video would be shifted to the upper left corner of the display screen so that only half of the source video was visible and taking up only the upper left quadrant of the display. I purchased & downloaded NXT 4 Pro yesterday and was happy to see a completely full display when I captured the first video. But when starting another capture this morning, the display suddenly moved the source video back to the upper left corner again. I can't even read the source menu to know which recorded video to capture. I'm running Windows 10 in a Gateway DX4300 with an AMD Phenom II x4810 2.6G 64bit processor. My capture device is an AVerMedia 7231 Analogue Tuner connected to the Att Uverse DVR by standard cable. Can anyone tell me why this capture worked correctly the first time, why it won't now, and how to fix it?