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    Does Not Save Recording

    Can you pass the link? I see a lot and no post answers my problem My problem is when recording with mp4 format
  2. DonKolapso

    Does Not Save Recording

    Hello! I've got the capture card since 2014. When I bought it, it recorded and saved everything without problems. For personal reasons I stopped recording my games. This year I "tried" to return the recordings. The application of roxio has been updated. I saw that now I can record and save in mp4, before it was just m2ts. In m2ts format, I can save and save without problems, but it is more difficult to edit the saved video. When you switch to mp4 format, it records but does not save anywhere. It looks like a green scrolling notification. It says "waiting". After a few seconds it disappears and the recording is not saved anywhere. Can you help me? Translation by google translator