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  1. I have just upgraded my windows to Windows 10 and it works ok. Then I started Roxio 2010 Special Edition and click on the Music/Audio link, I do not see the "Record From Sound Card" option. (I think that is what it was called). Instead all I see is a link to: IMPORT / Rip and in the next column is a link to: CREATE / BurnAudio CDs, Burn MP3 CDs, Copy Disc, Create Labels, and Create Labels - Advanced. I tracked down my version and it has SP2 installed and I tried to install that again and it instantly said that my system is up-to-date. Then I went to the subdirectory where I have Roxio installed and searched and searched and finally found ANALOGREC12.EXE. When I run it, it is just as I expected. The Roxio Easy Capture appears and I can enter my options and click on Record and it seems to do everything it used to do except for one thing: ----- There is no output file created, and yes, I have searched my WHOLE hard drive to try and find it. I really like to use that feature of Roxio, so can you please suggest to me what I can do to fix it? Thanks. Jack