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  1. I've been dealing with the exact same issue and had a remote tech support session where they uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio but ultimately I was told they didn't accept MTS files anymore and that I had to convert all of them to MP4. This solution works but is a hassle. I also ran into the CP install today. I have another thread in the video without sound, but the CP installer issue is new to me. None of my MTS files ever worked but maybe this CP thing is what is actually the issue.
  2. SStan

    Videowave With No Sound

    Here's the latest: CD, I tried just renaming the extension to MTS as well as resaving as..MTS. Had the remote session with tech support. In short, the only file that type that would work was an MP4. The tech person gave me a link to a freeware program Freemake Video Converter which converted to an MP4 that had audio and actually cleaned up the image as well. All they said was it had to do with the codec and that every file I wanted to use from the video camera had to be converted. I never had to do that with 2011. Why can't they include said converter and or the proper codecs in their software package? Beware if you want to try the freeware. Nothing is free....loaded crapware on my system after I explicitly asked if the program was legit. So much for trusting tech support. Curiously, I tried converting to MP4 using VTC but that did not work. So then I was able to load files into NXT4 with audio. However, my video driver still crashed every time I tried to do anything at all in the program. Since I have added an EVGA Geforce gt730 video card with Windows 10 drivers and it all works now. I'd be fine with uploading a file if anyone thinks that would be productive. However things are working at the moment. I very much appreciate everyone's input.
  3. SStan

    Videowave With No Sound

    HDR-XR160 I am open to uploading a file
  4. SStan

    Videowave With No Sound

    Update: First I tried to copy the files from the camera to the PC. No audio on Videowave. Then I downloaded the latest software from Sony which somehow registers the camera and it's what changed the file type to .M2TS. Playmemories I think. No luck. I tried changing file type to .MTS and still no luck. I then used the Import from within Videowave and still no luck although the file type came in as .MTS. After a short time of working with the file, the video driver crashed (that's what Windows said) and now nothing from Roxio will even start. Tech support has scheduled a remote session for Monday evening so maybe more info then. Thinking about updating video card with something that has current drivers and more memory than existing. Considering the MSI GeForce GT 710 DirectX 12 GT 710 2GD3H LP 2GB 64-Bit but if there are better options, I'm open. Thanks for taking the time on this.
  5. SStan

    Videowave With No Sound

    I too am having this issue. I have a dirty Win10 pro 64bit slightly oldish home built desktop with 2nd gen i5 proc, 8Mb DDR3 ram and a 1Tb HD, ATI Radeon HD4600 PCI video card. I have been running Roxio Creator 2011 flawlessly for yrs, then Win 10 took over and Creator 2011 was not happy. So I figured it was time to update and did. I am trying to import files from a Sony Hd cam where the codec is AVC and the file is .M2TS which works with every other program on my computer, mostly free ones and is also listed as a compatible file format. I received a similar response from tech support to try another format such as MPEG and I did try MPEG 4 and still no audio. Hoping for a bit more detailed input from some of the Guru's on this forum. Thanks,