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  1. Audio crackling

    High Cpu Usage

    Hi guys, hope everyone is fine and well. Well I'm just here for some help, I use the Roxio Game Capture (obviously). When streaming or recording locally on the Xsplit broadcaster I get a pop up saying "High CPU Usage". Is their any possibly way to stop this from happening? I have a windows 7 as I'm just a new comer to all this streaming, I record on the Xbox One and PS4. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps, greatly appreciated.
  2. Audio crackling

    Audio Crackling

    Hi, Iv recently invested in a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I have everything set up to my twitch but when streaming the sound crackles and sounds very irritating. I don't want any of my viewers to watch a stream with that. Anyone know any way of sorting this? Wont get any viewers if the sound isn't clear.