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    Menunbutton Mapping

    Thank you Jim! I feel vindicated. It always amazes me how "improved versions" don't always add up to the expectations and performance of older versions of the product lines. In the end I guess what I have from Roxio is a product that once you figure out your own best practices you had better hope the product isn't "improved" upon. I guess you have to take the path of "if at least my clients can get to each chapter it doesn't matter how many steps they have to take before they can see all the chapters." It just makes us small business guys look like we don't know what we are doing when in fact it seems to be the products we purchase for a great deal of cash in an effort to provide the professional look of a larger production house. We are limited to our product and our budgets! Thanks again for your efforts. Ken
  2. katvideos

    Menunbutton Mapping

    So what you are saying here is each menu is limited to six linked bottoms to the movie? I would assume if this is correct then the next move would be to add a sub menu for each additional combination or not more than six linked buttons per sub menu? Bottom line here it sounds like the more you limit the unlinked/linked buttons per menu the better off you are. Is that the test of this programs capabilities of menu mapping?
  3. katvideos

    Menunbutton Mapping

    Random means there is no rhyme or reason to the order. For instance you would assume when you push the down arrow it would advance downward to the second option but it doesn't it goes sideways instead. Illogical!,,,,,,,to say the least. Oh and by the way, yes I have the lower linked button as the second button in the diagram portion of the program. In other words, the second chapter and subsequent three are directly below the first as they were placed and linked sequentically. Why the down arrow selection directs the users to the 5th chapter I don't know. That's the radomness, Needless to say I have had next creator three years and have never been able to figure this issue out. While DVDit isn't supported anymore in my opinion it was a much better product for creating menus and user friendly buttons.
  4. katvideos

    Menunbutton Mapping

    I used to use Roxio DVDit and the menu button mapping was so much easier to manually change from default than it is in creator unless I am missing something on the layout process for menus. All I want to do is manually layout the order, (the one I want that is most user friendly instead of the current default of random selection when using a remote control from a DVD player). As it stands now the randomness of the DVD menu buttons make it very difficult for some buttons to be selected via a remote. The problem here is sometimes the user can't move off of the first menu to the submenu or back from the submenu if they are lucky enough to be able to select the next button on the previous menu. Please help! The old product called this process menu button mapping and that is what I need help with.