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  1. When I open Music Disc Creator in NX 4, I am unable to add audio tracks. It simply blinks at me. Is there something simple I'm missing? Are they showing up somewhere I can't see them anymore? When I first open it, it makes the computer flash, and it sits as a tiny box in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When it finally opens, there's no way of adding audio tracks. I'm running Windows 10. The computer is in good shape. Thanks for your thoughts. Fred
  2. I can burn my blu ray from MyDVD without any difficulty. It comes out fine. I want to make an ISO file so I can make them without having to go through all the set up again. When I create this, it jumps to 79% almost immediately, and then within 5 or 10 minutes it says it had output failure and gives unknown error. Code 2147746311 I'm running Windows 10 on a brand new computer. It has plenty of memory and plenty of speed. I don't think that will be the solution. Thanks for any help. Fred