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    Toast 15 Has Problems With Yosemite

    I just bought and installed Toast 15 and it launches with a message about reopening. After I reopen and try to perform a burn the program quits unexpectedly. .When I attempt to open for a task it crashes and the box saying Toast Titanium quit unexpectedly. I can then reopen and another message comes up saying "The last time...it unexpectedly quit. Do you want to try to open its windows again?". Once I click reopen the program launches. But when I select a task, it crashes. I opened the chat line and conversed with some customer support person who didn't have any idea and then sent me to "technical support" and asked me to wait. So I did. For over an hour. Nothing. I needed to burn a disc immediately and now I can't even open the damned program without it crashing. So far I have not been impressed AT ALL with Roxio support. I am running Yosemite on a Mac. Any ideas??? So far this program has been an entire waste of time and money.