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    Issues Exporting To Mp4

    Any chance of an update on this please ? Many thanks in advance jonnyraffs
  2. jonnyraffs

    Issues Exporting To Mp4

    Hi Jim, First of all thanks for taking the time to try and assist me with this. The .m2ts file on it's own is fine. The game audio is present as expected. I have now exported it to .mp4 without editing the beginning or adding my audio and the game audio is still present. So, I have attempted to edit the .mp4 file and add my audio which worked fine but when I try to export that to .mp4 (with a different file name of course), nothing happens !! All very strange Many thanks in advance jonnyraffs
  3. jonnyraffs

    Issues Exporting To Mp4

    Hi all, I have been using VideoWave for a few months now and have been able to deal with it niggly issues (crashing when taking screenshots, modules not loading) by either restarting or reloading the application. Today, however, I have encountered something new. I have been recording my PS4 gameplay and synching my own audio file to it before exporting to .mp4. Everything was going as usual. The .m2ts file included my audio as well as the game audio and it was synched perfectly. Unfortunately, every time I export that .m2ts file to .mp4, the game audio seems to be stripped out !! I have checked the settings and I can't see anything obviously wrong. The game file certainly isn't muted !! Is this something that other people have experienced before ? Any ideas as to what I do to remedy this ? Many thanks in advance jonnyraffs