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    Is 720 X 480 The Max It Can Capture?

    I was anticipating it would injest whatever resolution I fed it it and make the video file. Too bad at has that limitation. Was hoping with HD TV I could copy at full resolution. I got it into the PC OK and was able to import into Vegas Edit just fine. I hoped (but didn't expect) it would work as a 1494 capture with Vegas and take it directly into it, but no joy. Not a huge deal since I'll probably only use it 3 or 4 times a year and $45 wasn't too bad.
  2. Did a couple of test caps today and they were only 720 X 480. I set it to 16x9 format but it doesn't fill the frame. I sent it some 1080 via the output of my Charter DVR. The 1080 looks fine when I send it to the composite input of my TV. Is 720 X 480 the max?