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    My Dvd Crashes

    This is exactly the same problem I am trying to address in the thread which I started some weeks ago. I'll be very interested to try the solutions suggested in this thread.
  2. Best advice I have received was to roll back to Nxt3. It works. Looks like I've wasted my money on Nxt4.
  3. Thank you DG. I have recreated the path, put some suitable files in there but no luck. Ditto with regedit, will try again tonight with some other variables. I appreciate your help and will share the solution when it's found.
  4. I have created a slideshow in Videowave but when I send to MyDVD the program will not allow me to choose "Create new disk". If I try, it looks for a path from a previous production. This path has now been deleted, along with the production which was originally in that path. At this point, MyDVD reports "can't find" and closes down. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio NXT4 complete, I have switched off all overheads including anti virus and anti malware, I have run a registry cleaner, but the program still keeps looking for the obsolete file path and then closing down. All CD functions, and the DVD from ISO function work fine. The computer is a Core 2 Duo laptop, running at 2.2Ghz, in 3Gb RAM and with over 300Gb available on the hard disk. It's currently running Win 7 32 bit. MyDVD works fine on my wife's i3 machine with 8Gb RAM and Win 10 64 bit. I can't find a preferences setting which would allow me to set a new default path. Can anyone please suggest how I can tell MyDVD to stop looking for a file path that doesn't exist?