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    Toast 15 Not Responding On El Capitan

    I just bought Toast Titanium 15 after having used version 12 for years. I deinstalled version 12, rebooted than installed version 15. The first time I started Toast 15, I was asked to enter my name and license which I did, after that application stopped responding. I only saw the coloured spinning wheel. I force closed it, rebooted and tried again. Now I was not asked for the license, but the application immediately stopped responding. All I can see is the menu (which does not respond) and the spinning wheel. Uninstalling, rebooting and installing again did not help. Sometimes after a force quit and reboot Toast asks whether to reopen previously non responding windows or not. Neither option works. I am now left with a non working version of Toast. Any help please? My configuration is: - MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, late 2013 - 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB memory - 1GB SSD - OSX El Capitan version 10.11.6
  2. msetten

    Toast 15 Not Responding On El Capitan

    I am still in contact with Support regarding this issue (whom are very very slow in responding). Today I was asked to make sure I disconnected all other USB/Firewire devices and check to see if any of the following QuickTime plugins where installed: CamTwist < V2.4 Perian< V1.2.3 Flip4Mac< V2.4.4.2 3ivx< V 5.0.5 EasyCap< V 0.5.5a DivX< V 6.8.4 I did have Perian, which I uninstalled and then rebooted. Then I started Toast 15. It looked like it hanged again at that point. But I suddenly had to leave from my mac and after about an hour I came back finding Toast up and running. However, after closing it and starting it again, it did hang again. Another reboot and starting Toast again gave the same result: it looks to hang for about 30-45 minutes and then it continues and works fine. I am not sure this is due to the uninstall of Perian as before I never waited 30-45 minutes after starting Toast. Still not satisfactory as having to reboot and wait 30-45 minutes for Toast to start is not workable. Maybe others with this same issue can try this too, to see if the behaviour is similar.
  3. msetten

    Toast 15 Not Responding On El Capitan

    @theoldarchiver: Thanks, at first it seemed to have worked. I removed all files referencing Toast as you mentioned. Rebooted, installed again. Then starting Toast it came up with the setup dialog, license, registration and then the wizard to select what type of project to create. But after choosing a project (and disabling the wizard for the next time as I don't like it as a start up screen), the application stops responding again. So the problem is still not solved.