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    Stuck On Writing Lead-In Again!

    Update... this makes it even more confusing. I went back in and cut off the app nap button. Tried again and it didn't work. Thought OK that was definitely the issue. I clicked it back on and it still did not work. Went back to FCPX burned a disc easily no problem. Back to Toast.. not working. It has to be some problem with Toast... so now what????
  2. Liz O

    Stuck On Writing Lead-In Again!

    It worked! Not completely sure why. I went into FCPX and was able to successfully write the project directly to the disc. (Verbatim btw). I then went in and clicked prevent App Nap in the Get Info box. Next I went back to Toast and attempted to write a disc image file... and it worked! It didn't have time to go in to nap mode before when I tried to write the disc image so not sure that played a role. Maybe FCPX somehow reminded it how to do it. crazy.
  3. Liz O

    Stuck On Writing Lead-In Again!

    Thanks, I will try these suggestions. I am using a writer that is connected via usb 3.0. I'm getting ready to try another software to see if it's the driver.
  4. Liz O

    Stuck On Writing Lead-In Again!

    I was using Toast Titanium 12 and having varying success on the creation of DVD and Blu-Ray. I read that it could be a incompatibility issue so just upgraded to Toast 15 and it's still doing it. Both trying to use an img file and using toast to convert an mov file. It gets stuck on writing-lead it each time. Suggestions... My OS is Yosemite 10.10.5