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    Uploading To Youtube

    - Not true. I am ripping files that are .BUP, IFO, VOB format into a youtube supported format for uploads. No way to go right from my DVDs. The software should just work as a proxy. And I doubt that Youtube is making major changes often. If so the software should keep up with patches just like the one they did for Windows 10 that fixed the logon issue. I am not trying to be a Troll. It just grinds my gears when something does not work as advertised. And as CDan suggested, I am doing the work around for now. I will open a case with Corel / Roxio and update this tread if I get any useful information to share.
  2. StuntFlyer

    Uploading To Youtube

    I have a lot of videos to upload. I would rather use the function within the software, and not waste disk space or burn to DVD. Waste of resources and time. If they have that function in the software it should work. If not take it out. My youtube accountS allows me to upload a 3+ hour video. Ripping a video is using the software to copy the video into a digital format ready to upload. "ripping off of one source to apply to another". I would prefer a fix to the bug, rather then a work around.
  3. StuntFlyer

    Uploading To Youtube

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to skim some of the topics and looked for a search function with no luck. First post. I just got this software and ripped a video and wanted to upload directly to youtube using the upload feature in the software. It seems to get about 75% complete and appears to hang. Is there a known problem or fix? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks