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    Color Distortion In Recording

    Everything else works fine except for the VHS capture. I'm starting to think it's something related to the quality of the magnetic film strip on the tape. I'm going to try with several other products, 3 being of Roxio's, and see if my experimentation helps. Thank you so much.
  2. ThatGuyWalkingBy

    Color Distortion In Recording

    Hi there, I was also having trouble with the capture device's problem with the color distortion on the top of the video. I have a video here to show you what's going on, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I live in the US and I am using an NTSC format VCR, however, the VCR was purchased right around February, so it is fairly new. Can someone please help me out here? Thanks. Video evidence: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3rf7zt_nick-jr-commercials-april-1998-pt-4_tv (The problem is happening here and there throughout the entire capture of the VHS that this video came from, however it is most predominate throughout this part.)