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  1. Good morning. I´m reading another topics and I didn´t find any topic about this issue. I´m a old console enthusiastic and I got some of them during my life. I would love to start recording from those consoles but I have a doubt and a problem. I got a Roxio Game Cap (not a pro) and my pc is a Intel 2Ghz Core i7 2630 QM - 6 GB - I´m trying to record my Sega Saturn but I can´t get image. Does it just work at video component cable? If is that, why does the image reaches the TV? On the TV screen, the image pass through the cap and it´s ok. But on the Roxio Program, I got just the sound e some images, like and old tv trying to find a channel. Some black and white images changing all the time. If this cap is not for this kind of record, can someone tell me a way to record from those old consoles? Thank you very much for your attention. Fernando Cauê