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    Thanks all for your efforts: I either got Mydvd from a camera purchase or it came with my laptop??? For some reason I placed a note to use Roxio to look at contents of this disk. But I am thinking that is after I open it up with the actual back up software?? One big problem is that my lap top was upgraded to Vista Ultimate and now some older software will not work on it. Perhaps I'll just use the disk for coaster, lol. Regards, Bill
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    Hi Brendon: Thank you for getting back to me. Here is the message I get: =========== Backup CD =========== This disc is a backup CD. Except for this file the contents of this disc must be accessed using your backup software. I get this message when I try using Roxio program to access the disk. I placed a note on the disk to use Roxio to view files, so your right , I must find the back up software I used , but I'm afraid it will be out of date ? I think MyDVD came with my laptop ???? and I can't access or find the key! The disk properties show 4.3 gb of used memory so I think these are the photo's? Thanks again, Bill
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    All: I have a very old version of MyDVD that I made a back up of some pictures on a laptop that is now running Vista Ultimate. All I can read from the dvd disk is a message thats saids I need Roxio to read files. My copy is not up to date and It came with my old laptop and I don't know how to get the key anymore. My questions basicly , what product will retrive the back up pictures that I think are on this disk, as it show very little bytes left? Anyone know what I need to buy to retrive the files on a Roxio backup disk? Thank you, Bill