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    Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Aspect Ratio Problems

    I was advised that this was the best way to transfer my already digital files recorded on a DVR to transfer them to a storage device i.e. a portable hard drive rather than use a disc each time as with a disc after 4.7 GB the file gets compressed & you lose quality. I wanted to have them on a hard drive to have as a back up & in the best quality picture.
  2. Every time I use the above system it converts everything to 4:3 format instead of the 16:9 format that the video initially used. I am using a 16:9 TV & every setting has 16:9 set. I have tried contacting the Corel support, but they are the most useless thing on the planet & after 9 weeks we haven't gotten anywhere near a solution. I don't think they are even trying. Please help!