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  1. Thanks theoldarchiver. I did initially go through the procedure of finding and installing PP CS6 to get Encore CS6, then uninstalled PP CS6. But, as I just need pretty simple menus, it looked like the learning curve with Encore might take some time, even after watching a couple of tutorials on adobe.com and lynda.com. However, the static menus on Toast with no motion and no sound are a bit too simple, especially after working in iDVD for so long. I might see how far I get with the MPEG-2 encode to bring into Toast. Thanks again.
  2. I'm new to Toast as I've used iDVD for 10 years and love their Menus, but, need to make some blu-ray discs which Apple doesn't do (and I have done a lot of searching on this first in these Forums and YouTube). I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and have built a movie that's about 2:21 (2 hours 21 min.). What would be the best Media Encoder settings to use and Export to bring into Toast? I did install the Toast HD/Blu-ray Plug-In. Also, can music be added to the Menu in Toast?