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    Videowave Very Slow + No Preview Images

    Yes, NXT4 build 170867A SP3
  2. Videowave worked fine on my windows 7 PC, but I want to work at my Asus laptop (Windows 10 Home, i7, 6 MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M). It does work, but very very slow. Also, I cannot view my production, it does start and I can hear the sound, but the space where I should see my video remains blank. When I double click on an item in the story line, it will open slowly but also will play it only with sound, the video won't show, I just see the first frame instead of the video. When I export my production I do get a working movie. So, the programs is working but I cannot see what I am doing because the preview screens do not show my content:( Already cleared proxy files, defragged harddrive, updated video driver and deinstalled K-lite codec pack. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dxdiag results in attachment -------------------------------------------------------------------DxDiag.txt