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  1. I tried turning off the Norton 360 and installing from the disc, but it rolled back on me again. But when I copied the files to the hard drive and ran setup from there, it worked just fine. There may be something going on with my optical drive, so I'll need to check that out. But the software is now installed and running. Thank you for responding.
  2. I have been unsuccessful in trying to install the Easy CD & DVD Burning software on my computer. I have attached the log files that generated during one installation attempt to see if anyone can assist me with this. The computer I am trying to install this on is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1. The machine has 8 GB of RAM and is running a Core i5 processor at 3.1 MHz. The computer is running Norton 360. LogFile 16-08-26 18-59.zip