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    Green Screen

    The extension cord is only 3 ft. but all those things you suggested were pretty much how it went with the tape that was successful. We are searching for a mini VHS converter tape now and we will be able to test others as soon as we get one. I did not go all the way to the shut off point of the first one because I knew where the end of the recording was and turned it off manually. I have unplugged the composite (my husband says it didn't matter, the stupid thing keeps falling out anyway. You gotta love old equipment). Thanks for your help and if I figure it out I will post back for the the next person.
  2. HelenC

    Green Screen

    I know everything is hooked up properly. One VHS did record. After troubleshooting, turns out it was too large to transfer to DVD (6.8 GB) and I found the path and was able to watch it on the computer. For the green screen problem, I have an extension cord from the VHS that has both the older composite and the S cable so I plugged them both in. Does the program show a green screen when it thinks it is at the end of the tape? I can hear it playing in the machine. When I was describing the old TV movie, I was using it as an example that I couldn't even get that far. It was so rotten, it wouldn't even play in the VHS machine. The one I am getting green screen on seems to be playing fine, in fact today I got a couple of seconds of sound 'happy bir..' before the green screen actually kicked on. No visual, just audio.
  3. HelenC

    Green Screen

    We got the program yesterday and started experimenting with a movie recorded from TV and a less important home tape first. The movie recorded from TV had a bunch of those white spots, like mold, and kept shutting off. I get that. It was too old and rotten. Exactly why I am trying to rescue this stuff. The video of me in my big hair days would not to save to DVD, which is a different issue to be dealt with because I believe it is at least saved somewhere in my computer but I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to save one of my kid’s birthday videos. All I get is a green screen and nothing happens. I don’t think the problem is deterioration because of the TV movie experience, so what is going on and how do I fix it?